English info

Welcome to Pippi Academy!

Please have a look at what we can offer you and your children.We are based at Borowczana street number 62, that is on the corner ofBorowczana and Agrestowa streets in the Krzyki district of Wroclaw.We have created a bilingual setting for your childrem with all classes tought in both Polish and English.On top of the daily English-Polish bilingual curriculum there is aselection of different activities included the fee: German classes, art,music & rhytm workshops, chess, cooking classes, etc

Listed below are some of our strongest points:

• Very good location, allowing quick commutting and easy access

• Quiet and safe neighbourhood, next door to a wild park

• Security thanks to a gated and monitored site

• Building set in a beautiful garden containing a playground

• Highly qualified and pleasant staff ensuring innovative and stimulating play and study courses

• Extracurricular activities adjusted to childrens personal interests and talents (included in the basic fee)

Other optional courses suggested by parents (like dance or karate) would be charged for separately

To meet varying needs of parents we created two different payment plans,

depending on how long you would like your child to stay in our care:

• Plan A – monthly fee of 800 zł plus catering costs, covers up to 5hours

of care per day and all the classes being held at that time

• Plan B - monthly fee of 1000 zł plus catering costs, covers a full day of care and all the classes being held at that time

Daily catering cost is currently set at 14,50 zł and includes breakfast, lunch, two course dinner and ‘tea’ (light evening snack)